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Physical Therapy

Comprehensive evaluations for all conditions.

We expect a lot from our bodies on a daily basis. As such, pain and injury is sometimes unavoidable. Emily's vast clinical experience allows her to confidently treat a variety of conditions, from jaw pain and headaches to ankle sprains and balance problems. Following a thorough evaluation, Emily will develop a treatment plan to help you accomplish your health-related goals.

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Equine Rehabilitation

The beginning of a better connection.

No matter if your horse has had a prior injury, or you simply notice some behavioral changes, Emily can help. Each session begins with a comprehensive assessment of your horse's conformation, movement style, and musculoskeletal function. From there, she creates a plan specific to your horse's needs to help you both have better rides and a better relationship.

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Rider Biomechanical Assessments

Harmonizing horse & rider.

The way we ride can place additional stress on our horse's body and can result in poor performance. Additionally, our aches and pains can prevent us from enjoying time in the saddle. Emily will evaluate you on the ground and on the horse to identify musculoskeletal limitations. Based on your assessment, she will create a personalized program to help the partnership between horse and rider thrive.

Barefoot Trimming & Shoeing

Guiding recovery from the ground up.

The hoof is uniquely designed to sustain impact and endure challenging terrain. That being said, regular trimming remains a necessity to avoid complications either in the hooves themselves or higher up the limb. Emily provides corrective or maintenance trimming and shoes to ensure your horse is moving comfortably.


Clinics & Extras

The possibilities are endless.

Emily loves to educate others and help people meet their health-related goals. She has experience in leading clinics, teaching, and mentoring other healthcare professionals. If you have any questions regarding additional services, get in touch! Emily will work with you to determine the best course of action.

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