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What To Expect

Following a comprehensive evaluation, Emily will design a customized treatment plan based on each individual's needs. She will work with you to develop a schedule for regular follow-ups to ensure that you (or your horse) are on the road to recovery. Below are a few services she offers that may be included in your treatment plan. 


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy includes soft tissue massage, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, and manipulations/adjustments. Manual therapy is often used prior to prescribing exercise, which will maintain the desired effects to prevent future injury. 

Dry Needling

Small needles are inserted directly into the muscle tissue to create an acute inflammatory response and act as a "reset button" for the nervous system. The technique has proven to be beneficial in both humans and horses to reduce pain, improve muscle tone, and increase range of motion

Impairment-Based Exercise

The secret weapon of all Physical Therapists. Exercise is required to maintain any change achieved with manual therapy and dry needling. Exercises prescribed are specific to each individual and target problem areas to promote recovery. 

Bemer PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology has been shown to improve blood flow, alleviate pain, and reduce stress. This service is included during every horse evaluation and follow-up session, but additional sessions can be added on to any treatment plan.

Short-Stay Rehabilitation

Horses can stay under the care of Topline Physiotherapy at Bristol Equestrian Center. During their stay, Emily will work closely with your Veterinarian to discuss your horse's in-house needs, such as medication administration, hand-walking, bandage changes, etc. 

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